So far so good :-)

I had great intentions when starting this blog a few weeks ago. Right now though it’s really just serving as a place where I’ve written my challenges for 2010. I weighed 344.8lbs on Dec.31 in the morning. I haven’t set a number I’m shooting for this time. I’m kind of thinking breaking 250 by the end of the year would be a good goal.

The one thing I am trying to do even if I don’t hit the weight goal is to eat healthier. No more bingeing(sp?) or constant grazing of unhealthy foods. I’m a big salt and sugar addict so it’s been hard to get back at it. I’ve been REALLY trying to get back at this for 3 months at least but no luck till the New Year came. I guess those 3 months were working on changing my head around as it’s been fairly easy on the food side so far.

As for my goal of walking an hour a day….mother nature hasn’t been helpful and I’ve been a wuss. I’ve walked 4 times for about a total of 1 hour so far this year. I think this is going to be one of those things that will take a little while to ingrain in me to do no matter what.

Eating Out: Has been going really well. I was kind of hoping if I could get eating healthy that it would curb my eating out and it has. In 9 days this year I bought a meal twice when I forgot to pack a meal. But I bought a salad each time from a grocery store so I did well in avoiding the fast food and corner store joints.

Well that’ll have to do for now as my comp. or connection is really annoying me. Possibly the auto save on WordPress?

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