First Real Walk

I wasn’t really planning on it but I made it out for a walk today. I can’t remember how far my friend lives but think it’s at least 3.5 miles roundtrip. I did it in roughly 1 hour. I don’t know for sure because I forgot to check the time before leaving the house. It was one of the better days lately to was only -7C when I left and -9C when I got back.

Food today was pretty good overall. The only slip up was my sodium intake. I had 2 veggie burgers I wanted to use up that I bought last week and I forgot how much salt was in them. That and I found them bland and used ketchup to down them 🙂 Oh well it’s not bothering me because it was one day since the new year started. I think I may have to try making my own one day as these were not worth the cost.

To help keep track of my food I’ve gone back to tracking it at SparkPeople. According to them I’m not eating enough but I’m not worried about their say. Just going with what I know worked from my last go at this 3 years ago. It worked then so it will work again. Once I get back to more physical exercise then walking it will go even better.

10 days in and I’m really happy with my progress. I knew the walking and saving would be tought to get going this time of year and am working on these. Cutting out sugar and salt is going better than expected and I’ve only bought a meal twice and they were salads. Crazy:-)

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