Darn salt.

Darn salt is everywhere. The last two days I’ve been over the recommended daily limit of 2300mg. Today just about 500 but Wednesday was almost double the limit….4100mg. Most of it’s from the chili I made as I was too lazy to rinse my canned beans. As soon as I get rid of my last 3-4 cans I’m going to start soaking my own beans. That will eliminate the salt and there’ll be no more tin cans.

I walked 4 miles Tuesday after giving my chafing a day to heal and it went pretty well. The only thing is the pain is still there so I’m going to wait till it’s healed before I try walking again. It really sucks too because it’s really nice weather the next week and it would be ideal walking weather. For winter time anyways 🙂 I’ve been thinking I should try using my step up I have so maybe I’ll try that if I don’t get lazy. I got to try something because eating right is only 80% of the equation to get healthy.

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