Trivia & Poker

Last night I went out with a friend of mine and his wife for a trivia night at a local bar. It was a fundraiser for the local peewee hockey team which a son of our friends plays on. We were suppose to be joined by two other friends but one bailed to go play poker and the other got called into work. For only having 3 of us when the other 8 or 9 teams had the full 6 we did pretty well even though we may or may not have googled a few answers :-). We didn’t win but we were respectable finishing tied for 3rd.

Knowing I’d be going to the bar I knew I wouldn’t be eating the healthiest but once in awhile that will happen. Out of the few options I had having the wings were actually the healthiest. This was the first “meat” I’ve eaten this year. So far I’ve only been having canned tuna and sardines. I’m not against meat but been toying with the idea of staying away from it based on everyone saying they’ve felt better having gone vegetarian or vegan.

After the trivia I decided to head to another friends and play poker. It wasn’t looking good at the start but I ended up coming out ahead a bit by the end. Knowing they quite often have munchies there I brought along a healthy fibre/nut bar to keep my stomach quiet when it saw the old favourites. It worked well because I wasn’t interested at all in partaking of my old habits.

Since my last post I haven’t been walking so I can heal but I have been clearing my driveway down to the asphalt. It’s probably not necessary but it’s good exercise and should be easier to clear the next few snowfalls working off a clean flat surface. I probably should have done some more of it today but was busy watching the football game.

It’s supposed to be nice again tomorrow so I’ll try and finish off the driveway and maybe get a walk in too.

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