Walking=Saving Money

I realized today walking to the bank to deposit a cheque that I was saving money. Not saving much in gas but the more I keep the car off the road the longer it should last me. Today I walked for 35min but may get another 35min in tonight. I’m thinking about walking to and from poker again even though the walk home is at 1AM and will be colder.

Tuesday I walked for 72mins. I again did some errands while on my walk. First was to the town hall to pay my water bill. The only bill I can’t pay through the bank?! Oh well I did need the walking. After that I zig zaged across town to my friends where I proceeded to leave 2 snowballs on his mailbox. Just a little proof I was there . From there I headed home but stopping at the bank to do some banking.

Probably too much info but a new belt and new boxer briefs has left me chafe free. Which leaves me with one less excuse for not walking everyday.

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