2nd Meal Out

Last night I went out to dinner with a bunch of poker friends. I thought it was just a get together of some original poker founders in these parts. It was but also turned out to be the retirement of one of my friends who was running the local game. He said he was tired of running it but mainly not having fun anymore playing with the crowd we currently have coming out. I’m going to run it for at least the next year but will probably look for someone in that time to take over after that. Reason for that is I was considering retiring from the organizing role myself this year. Oh well one more year I guess won’t kill me.

It’s funny how 3 weeks in to eating healthy I have no desire for really crappy food. I wish that would be the case for the rest of my life as previous attempts have not lasted beyond a year. So for dinner last night I ended up eating a caesar salad with grilled chicken. I was giving myself permission to have anything but some of my favourites weren’t appealing to me. I realize the salad dressing on a caesar is a lot but figure it was the worst part and over all not a bad choice. I also had an order of garlic bread w/cheese and 1/2 a bun waiting for the salad. The garlic bread was just a bun cut in half so not as bad as was originally thinking. There was cake supplied by my friend but I refused because frankly it didn’t sound good. Really hope I keep thinking that way 🙂

After dinner we all headed to my friend’s for a little dealer’s choice poker. When we finished I was up $7 so for a really good evening with friends it only cost me $18. Can’t complain about that.

I haven’t walked since Thursday. Friday I was just too tired after work. Saturday I was going to walk to dinner but my friend screwing up the times cost me that chance and I had to drive. Today not much of an excuse as I really just didn’t think of doing it and therefore didn’t. When I came home from doing laundry the football game was on so not looking good for a walk later 🙂

I did make my first attempt at making protein bars during halftime though. I got the recipe from Susan at The Great Balancing Act. It’s pretty similar to my breakfast every morning which is oatmeal,yogurt,protein powder and cinnamon all blended together with water for a smoothie. Her protein bars are oatmeal,protein powder,coconut,almond butter and mini choc. chips. I ended up forgetting the almond butter and purposely left out the choc. chips. So I figure when these are gone I’ll have to make them again to try them with the almond butter. I’ll still leave the chips out though as they remind me of one of my weaknesses…sweet treats.

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2 Responses to 2nd Meal Out

  1. Kayla says:

    Hello there! just ran across your blog and read this post, glad your healthy eating is going well. Just wanted to let you know by having almond butter in the bars, they will hold you over longer bc of the healthy fats! you probably already knew that but just throwing it out there…

    • Hi Kayla. I agree with what you say and do know it but just forgot to add it. I was trying to quickly make it during halftime of the football game I was watching guess next time I better turn the tube off 🙂

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