Needed the Almond Butter

I tried the home-made protein bars yesterday and quickly realized they would have been better with the almond butter that I forgot to add. They were kind of bland so I’m just using them as my smoothie mix and I’ll try making them again down the road. At least I made an attempt at trying something new.

My new food attempt will be making my beans and soup with dry goods instead of canned. I finally used up the canned stuff which would really rack up the salt levels. Now when I make chili or soup there’ll be no salt from my beans. Only problem now is remembering to pre-soak them the night before. Which I already did last night! Oh well like eating well I’ll get into the habit eventually.

I got out for a walk this afternoon in unusually nice January weather. It was actually above freezing for the third day in a row at 3C. I wasn’t really into it energy wise but did manage a somewhat brisk 60-70min walk. Afterwards I hit the store up for some chili supplies and fresh fruit and vegetables. I ended up getting a lot more than that ringing out at $52! Part of that amount was $10 for 2 racks of pre-cooked ribs. After looking over the nutritional info I decided I could splurge a bit and it wouldn’t hurt my efforts. Especially today as my salt and calories had been on the low side going into dinner.

For $5 a rack they were pretty good but not worth the regular $10 price tag. I’d spend $11 next time and get the in store cooked ones instead. I shouldn’t need to go to the store for over a week as between this run and my run on the weekend I’ve got $100 worth of new food. Now I just need to start trying new recipes I come across following food bloggers.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    making your own beans is very healthy and cost-effective too! You can adjust the salt and spices you through in the mix, and experiment with new flavors!
    welcome to the blogging world!

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