Bat out of Hell

That’s what the passing motorists must have thought when they passed me walking down the highway this afternoon. When I went for my walk it was -13C and the wind was blowing really hard. On top of that I walked into the wind which is normally smart so that the walk back is better. The only thing about that though is it meant walking out of town with basically no protection from the wind. I survived though while listening to Bat Out of Hell by Meatloaf and Tragic Kingdom by No Doubt. It’s really nice being able to listen to tunes while walking but the new Iphone I have makes it a pain in the ass. Why? Well it has that nice “shake the phone shuffle” feature which is a pain in the ass when you’re trying to move fast. I’m going to have to see if there’s a way to turn that feature off. Today was my third day in a row walking which so far into my challenge is the most I’ve walked in one week. Hopefully tomorrow I can make it four in a row.

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