Well yesterday I had every intention of walking today and finally getting my walking challenge in full gear. Even if mother nature was a little kinder today I would have had to bail due to chafing. The weather today was one of our colder days of the winter so far. The high may have gotten to -18C with the wind chill making it feel around -32C. An hour walk in that I’m not sure would have happened 🙂

I’m finding it pretty amazing that I still don’t have any desire for junk food even if it’s just a nibble here or there. I easily could have picked up a little piece of cake at my last customer of the day but I didn’t. As I was filling in their invoice I’m looking at the cake and part of my brain says “don’t have even a crumb” but the other part of the brain says ” I don’t want any”. This wouldn’t have happened last month. I know some say don’t deprive yourself of something you enjoy but I’m usually an “all or nothing” guy so I’m trying to stay away from the junk food for a fair bit longer. Maybe eventually I can overcome the all or nothing and have a little crap once in a while without causing me to go off the deep end.

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  1. Nicole says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading more here!

    This is just an observation I’ve made through nutrition consultation, but most men are all or nothing in their mentality when it comes to food, nutrition, etc. You’re not alone 🙂

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