Almost 20lbs!

I woke up at the crack of noon today after another Saturday night out. I went to a poker tournament in support of my brother’s wedding in April. It turned out to be a small turnout but a good time was had by all so that was good. The buyin was $60 and we skimmed (with everyone’s ok) $10 off the top for my brothers wedding. We had a cash game after as well so by the end of the night my brother had $200 towards his wedding. Not bad for a small turnout. After the game ended I had a 75min drive home and decided to make the biggest gamble of the night. I decided to try and make it home on the gas I had instead of filling up. I don’t know how close to empty I came but I know I can get at least 37.5 km after my gas warning light comes on 🙂

Since today is the end of the month I weighed myself naked for my first official weigh in I’m putting in my journal. I know too much info 🙂 But hey what I was wearing weighs 3.3lbs! I weighed myself the morning of New Year’s Eve and my scale read a horrendous 344.6lbs. Horrendous because this was 1.6 lbs more than I weighed three years earlier when I last made an effort to lose weight. I lost 86lbs last time so that means I put all that plus 1.6lbs back on. Well actually I put 86lbs plus 8lbs back on because Dec.27 I weighed in at 351..ouch.

The weight I’ve taken off since the 27th is the easy weight to take off. I mean I really packed it on the last 2 months of 2009 knowing I was going cold turkey on the junk food in 2010. I know I shouldn’t have been because everyday after gorging on my favourite crap I’d be kicking myself for doing it but I just couldn’t stop. I had that Jan 1st deadline in my head and part of me was going to go right till the end to get all the crap I could.

Fortunately for me the other part of my brain did retain what I was telling myself for the last 3-4 months of 2009.
1. You lost the weight before you can do it again.
2. You completed a challenge for 2009…stop putting money into online poker so you can do anything you want in 2010.

Actually thinking back I was more telling myself #2 more than #1 but other folks would remind me I did it before and then I would sheepishly say yeah I should have kept at it back then! Whatever the combination it took at least it took hold January 1 . NOW I just have to keep it up FOR LIFE this time!

Tomorrow if I don’t forget or get lazy I’ll post the 1 month report on all my challenges.

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  1. Nicole says:

    Props! That’s awesome! I’m doing my Q&A tomorrow — look for your answer on potassium 🙂

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