Challenges Review-one month in

In this post I’m going to update how I’m doing with each of my challenges that I set out in my very first post. On top of that I’m going to give a little more info on each as I never did get around to expanding upon each one although you can probably figure out reasons behind each on your own.

1. CUT OUT WHITE DEATH: when I don’t eat healthy I put the weight on no problem at all because everything I eat is
loaded with sugar and salt. The last time I was successful losing weight it was in large part
by avoiding all foods that have these ingredients in excess. It’s hard to do sometimes but it’s for the best. I don’t have a number to keep sugar under as I do for salt. I just try keeping my sweets to fruit. My salt intake I’m trying to keep below the daily recommended 2300mg/day but am allowing myself up to 3000mg on occasion. I just can’t beat myself up if I have a bit more occasionally as I don’t want to go into relapse.

ONE MONTH IN: I started keeping track of my food Jan 9th on SparkPeople and things have been going pretty well
overall. My food intake has been pretty consistent calorie wise and by percentage of Carb/fat/protien. The salt intake is getting better as I learn what foods have too much salt and that I can’t have too many of the same salt laden foods in the same day. According to SparkPeople 12 days in January I came in under 2300mg of salt and 11 days came in over with 5 of those days being over 3000mg.

2. WALK 1 HOUR/DAY: This was intended to start me off slowly in the exercise arena and get me off my butt. I eventually
will allow this to be a walk every other day as I intend to start running when I lose another 20lbs or so. I know based on history I can’t run everyday or my knees will kill me . So soon this challenge will be to run at least 3 days a week and walk the other 4.

ONE MONTH IN: I’m also trying to track this on SparkPeople but for some reason have a hard time remembering too. The
first week was a total bust mainly because I was lazy or would forget to get out. After that it became a bit easier to get out there walking but the odd freezing day or chafing would keep me home. After I finish this post I’m going to go for a walk for the first time since Thursday. I haven’t walked since then because of chafing. So I think out of 31 days in January I walked 8 maybe 9 days. February will hopefully be a lot better!

3. STOP EATING OUT unless: The reason behind this is two fold: saving money and eating healthier. Before I started
this I was eating out every day..yes EVERYDAY! Worse than that was the fact that I wasn’t making any of my meals…..NONE! So I figured on the average week I was blowing $150/week(if not more) and all on food that was not healthy at all. Both sugar and salt laden and too much crap in general. So I obviously need to change this for my health but also for my pocketbook! So the challenge now is to not eat out at all. Unless I don’t have much of a choice like a family function or with friends(which is rare anyways). No more eating out because I’m lazy and don’t want to cook because if I eat out I’m not likely to eat as healthy and I’ll be blowing money I don’t need to blow.

ONE MONTH IN: For January I ate out 4 times. The first 2 times were because I was lazy and forgetful. The first I didn’t
feel like making my lunch before work and the second time I was walking to my poker game and realized halfway there I had forgotten my dinner. Both these times I stopped at a grocery store and bought one of their salads. Not bad choices but money that didn’t need to be blown. The last 2 times I ate out were with friends and both times I was a good boy and ate one of the better choices to be had. These were good times out and worth spending the money.

4. CLEAN MY HOUSE EVERY WEEK: Okay so I’m a bachelor and this is usually not in my mind to do as I’m not a clean freak.
I’m probably way down on the scale of 1-10 with 10 being the clean freak. I intended this to be a challenge where I get the house clean finally and then manage to at least keep the kitchen and bathroom clean everyweek and the rest of the house every other week. Yeah I know HOUSE means house and not kitchen and bathroom πŸ™‚ I’ve got to be realistic though.

ONE MONTH IN: It’s not going well. I haven’t made much of an effort. It’s probably mainly because it’s the challenge I
think of the least. I have started on the kitchen and a bit of my bedroom. I’ll be honest though that’s mainly because of other reasons than this challenge. Kitchen had to start getting clean to start cooking myself and the bedroom because I do a lot of my office work there and I was looking for something important. This I guess would have to be a major fail so far 😦 Hopefully February will be better.

5. START A SAVINGS FUND: I came up with this idea for 3 reasons. This fund is to be there for emergencies,retirement
and/or building a house. I’m hoping to build a house in the next few years using the equity in my current house but more money may be needed so I would like to try saving more for it. Emergencies come up and as of right now if one came up depending on what it would require I could be screwed. Retirement if it’s ever going to be in my future will have to come on my own dime because I runa small business with no pension fund. I’m 38 with no funds so far towards retirement yet other than what ever I’m required to put in towards the government’s Canada Pension Plan. Based on what my dad’s expected to get I need to start saving sooner than later.

ONE MONTH IN: I haven’t saved a dime yet. I have wanted to but both my personal car and my work truck have required
repairs. That’s alright though because I really didn’t expect to be able to start saving till March or April as this is a slow time of the year for my business. I also know I have some more repairs to come for the truck and my brother is getting married in April. So it may even be May before I get some money in the bank that I can leave alone. But at least I have this in my head all the time to remember it needs to be started as soon as I have a few extra dollars!

6. STOP PLAYING ONLINE POKER: This is an expansion of my goal last year which was to not put any of my money online.
It’s not that I’m a bad player or that I’ve lost money that I can’t afford to lose. It’s because online runs 24/7/365 and I just end up playing too much. The only time I played last year was when the poker sites gave me money and the last time I played 24 hours in a 36 hour stretch! At least when I play live I’m eventually going to be kicked out when the local host decided to go to bed.

ONE MONTH IN: Total success. Even though I haven’t deleted the poker programming off my computer yet I haven’t
played even one hand!

OVERALL REVIEW: I’m pretty happy with the way things have been going especially with my eating healthy again. I can improve on all the other areas with time but the eating healthy had to happen as it’s really my biggest concern. So if I can keep up with that then I’ll continue to be happy and start putting more effort into the other goals that aren’t going so well. My compliments if you made it this far!

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  1. Erin says:

    It sounds like your roles are going well so far. The sugar one is difficult for me, too; it’s in so many things you don’t even realize!

    • I know what you mean. I try and keep watching the ingredients list when I buy anything processed. I sometimes forget to look for the hidden sugar which makes things harder.

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