An AC/DC Powered 64 Minutes

Part of me really didn’t want to get out today but I did and got a 64 minute walk in listening to AC/DC’s Back in Black and the Stiff Upper Lip. It was a good very brisk walk. However, I realized I don’t get my heart pumping that much. I guess what that means is I’ll have to start findng some hills to walk to pump up the intensity. I usually always walk out and back and on the way back I so wanted to run. I’m looking ahead thinking jeepers that’s a far way back! I’m playing it smart though and waiting to lose another 10lbs or so. I looked back in my records and found out that I started running when I was 315lbs. May seem like too heavy still but was able to do it then with not much of a problem. Another reason for not running today was that I wasn’t dressed for it. I didn’t have running shoes on and know you don’t want to run with the wrong shoes!

I never did get the energy to make that split pea soup today. So it’s looking like an all smoothie day as I have 75 minutes to shower,eat and get to the poker game I help run Thursday nights. With my family having dinner tomorrow for my Dad’s birthday and us running a big poker tournament on Saturday it’ll probably be next week before I try making it. Guess if I haven’t had it in years what’s a few more days?!

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3 Responses to An AC/DC Powered 64 Minutes

  1. Erin says:

    You know, I’ve never eaten or made split pea soup, only heard about it being disgusting. But peas are delicious so pea soup must be, too!

  2. Nicole says:

    I LOVE split pea…my dad makes a killer version! Mmm mmm!

  3. Erin :
    I’ve heard the same thing from some people. It’s one of those you hate or like it foods I guess!

    If you have a recipe for split pea posted I’ll try and remember to try it next. This one I found playing blog roulette while at a garage getting my truck worked on.

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