Been Busy

Just in from my walk I can finally relax after a busy couple days.

After work I walked a quick 4 miles that averaged 16min/mile. That’s an improvement of a couple mins in just a few weeks so I was happy. Right afer I showered and went out to my parents for a birthday dinner for my Dad and as it turned out my 2 nephews. There birthdays are all within a week. I was a little worried going I wouldn’t eat well there but did give myself leeway since I’ve been doing very well so far. Dinner ended up being not too bad health wise for me. I had some pork spare ribs and a leg&back of rabbit and 2 serving of spanish rice and potato salad. It was so delicious part of me really wanted more but feeling full and not wanting to over do it I quit. Desert was a nice chocolate cake and cherries in the snow(white cake cut up topped with whip cream and topped with cherries) and ice cream. I am happy to report I refused it all! Again I wasn’t even interested in eating it but I know if I had a piece it would awaken my sugar cravings.

After dinner and everyone but I had left I spent an hour talking with my mom. We ended up talking about what I’m doing to lose the weight and why I eat what I do. It felt funny trying to tell someone the reasons behind healthy eating and food when I’m still 320lbs! I have a Nutrition Guide from the place I worked out at 3years ago that explains really well the reasons behind eating healthy and the reasons why some foods are better than better so I’m going to give that to her so she can hopefully turn her head around and get healthy too.

After work I again got my walk in but this time I did hills. Well not just hills but I walked out to the highway and back which has 1 big hill and a couple other decent ones. I really tried to get this done in 64mins like Friday because I knew this route was 4 miles round trip. I thought if I could do the hills at 16min/miles I’d know for sure I was making some good progress. Happy to say I pulled it off! After this I did laundry, showered and headed to poker. I help a friend out running poker tournaments and the odd one we run on a Saturday can last more than 12hours. I was smart and brought 2 meals with me so I wasn’t tempted with the pizza we order in for the guys. It was a good night because I made a few buck and it ended pretty early for us at 3am.

When I got home this morning I ended up watching some TV while reading some blogs so I never fell asleep till 4:30-5am. This meant I didn’t wake up till 2pm this afternoon. Yeah it could be a problem getting to sleep at a normal time tonight. I’ve done this before though so I’m not worried. Once I was fully awake and had eaten my breakfast? I finally convinced myself I needed to get out for my walk. I was looking at my sparkpeople tracker and realized today would be the 6th day straight walking if I’d Just Do IT! So I did but took it easy probably only doing 19min/miles. Tomorrow I’ll go back at it hard. I think if I manage to get to and keep walking everyday I’ll have to have at least one day where it’s an easy one or I’ll burn out. Now I’m going to go try out this split pea soup minus the kale because I don’t have it. Been too busy to find it.

I may get around to improving the About: John page tomorrow or at least this week. Although when I started this blog I intended this blog to just be my journal and not care if anyone read it it seems now that I know people are reading it I do care a little 🙂 So when I have a chance I’ll give some background on how I ended up where I am.

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  1. Erin says:

    Awesome job on the walking, especially with hills thrown in. Walking is definitely my favorite form of exercise — I love listening to podcasts while exploring different paths.

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