How I got here

Hi I’m John and this is my blog journaling my latest and last attempt at losing weight and getting healthy. I first started it just for personal use as it’s been said you have greater success if you write things down. I thought since their are a few fine folks looking me up through my comments on other blogs I should provide a bit of a better “About:John” page. This will be pasted onto that page soon but for now here you go.

I was born in San Jose,California in 1971. I just turned 38 on Dec 23. I didn’t live there long as my parents moved us up to Renfrew,Ontario,Canada in 1976. I know, who in the heck moves from sunny Cali to cold,snowy Canada?! Well my Dad was born 1/2hr from here and somehow convinced my mother to move up here. Although I have no intentions of ever moving back to the states I’m still a U.S citizen.

Growing up I’d say I was always a big kid but not fat. In high school things got a bit better as I played football all 4 years and track and field for 3.5(parents kicked me off the team for bad grades…ooops). My physical fitness was the best of my life the summer I was 16. I got a job at a local amusement park but there was one catch. If I wanted it I’d have to bike 10 miles to and from work 6 days a week! Well I had just totalled my mother’s car so I had no choice. I kept it hidden from the cops and didn’t want such a big incident on my insurance a month after taking it out. That meant taking that job to pay for her new car. It was a good thing I did in the end because I dropped about 20lbs down to my last known lowest weight of my life at 188lbs.

So where did I slip up and eventually almost double my weight? I went to college and didn’t make an effort to get into sports while there. I sure wish I had then. It’s the old saying that it’s not your metabolism that slows down it’s you that slows down. So I went from probably being able to eat anything because I was playing sports to really eating anything and not playing sports. When I went home for Thanksgiving that first year of college I weighed 230lbs if I remember right. So I put on 40lbs in 6 weeks of being away from home. Then I didn’t think much of it and wasn’t worried.

2 years later I graduated college weighing 260lbs! Yet I still wasn’t concerned. I should have been because it was going to get worse. After college I was hoping to go back for another 1 year program but didn’t get in due to space. If I wasn’t in school my parents expected me to pay rent so that meant getting a job. I got a job making deliveries for a local fresh cut french fry maker in August 1991 just shy of turning 20. This is where it got worse because I was young and with no obligations money to burn.

Breakfast most times was 1 litre of chocolate milk and 1/2lb of M&M’s. Till I got home it was fries and burgers for lunch and junkfood in between these meals. Not exactly the way I should have been eating. Since I was fat I didn’t want to try sports even when a long time friend invited me out to play soccer knowing I was a detriment to the team in my state. I just didn’t want to do anything really. I don’t know when I first went over 300lbs but I’m guessing not long after taking my job.

So that’s how I ended up fat. What have I done to get back in shape? Honestly except for 3 different years I really made no effort at all to lose the weight. Partly because it’s difficult to give up the junk and partly because I didn’t see the need to. It took a long time to realize things had to change.

In 2003 my mother mentioned a co-worker of hers had lost a lot of weight on the Atkins diet. So that year for about 5 months I followed this diet pretty closely and exercised for the first time in 14 years. It all fell apart when I over did the increase in running distance and injured myself twice just as winter was setting in. This led to me being laid up and bored which led to me going back to the junkfood diet. I didn’t mind this diet and lost 55lbs while on it.

In November 2006 after listening to a local radio program featuring a pretty well know trainer and “gym” owner I decided it was time to try again. I went with the trainer I had been listening to on the radio for months as I liked his methods. His method was providing proper nutrional advice along with a circuit training class. He likes to call his gym a school. Which I’d agree with as they were always there to teach you new things and answer your questions. I ended up losing 86lbs in 7 months before giving it up for lack of funds and time(I traveled 70mins each way 2-3 times a week to attend).

My downfall started during the 7 months I was working out. I started having their suggested cheat day when I did my laundry. Then it was having frozen yogurt because it was summer. When winter came I gave up the exercise because it was cold out and then slowly fell back into my junkfood ways.

So my 3rd serious attempt is this one. I have decided this is it. I am trying to pound into my head that eating healthy is a lifestyle change that has to be permanent! I am also trying to get into a regular habit of exercise even if it’s just walking for now as it’s better than doing nothing. So far it’s going really well. But then I’m only 39 days into it.

So what am I doing? I’m trying to eat every 3-4 hours using proper portion control and a ratio of 40%carbs,30%protein and 30%fat. This along with exercise is what took off the 86lbs in 2006-7 so there’s no reason it won’t work again. I’m hoping no later than my 40th birthday I’ll be down around 200lbs.

Thanks for reading,

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  1. Nicole says:

    Love the new look! Your story is so inspirational! Keep up the good work! I think your “Zone” ratio of 40-30-30 is WONDERFUL! Keep it up!!

  2. @Nicole
    Hearing it was inspirational was beyond what I thought someone may think. Just tried to tell my story and hoped I didn’t do a bad job of writing it. Thanks Nicole.

    I like the new look too. I keep tweaking it and trying things. Now I just got to figure out the picture deal with wordpress. It was so much easier on blogger when I had a blog 3 years ago.

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