Belt Too Tight?

Ok so heading into today’s walk I was prepared to shut it down early if my leg was bothering me again. Before I headed out I did a couple of stretches but honestly for the location of the pain that’s all there was to do. On top of that I loosened my belt a notch. I found the way to avoid chafing was to wear my pants with a belt tight so that my pants wouldn’t shift lower and rub in the wrong places. However I’m thinking I was tightening my belt too tight and maybe cutting blood flow off to the area of my leg I was having problems with. Why do I think this? Well because I was able to do my walk today with no pain what so ever! I was feeling so good I ended up walking 84minutes. It felt good.

If I couldn’t have got my walk on I had a back up plan. My plan was to do a little circuit training on my own at home. I still remember a lot of moves that I did 3 years ago. It doesn’t mean I won’t be doing this at all though. Now that I’m in the walking mood I talk to myself trying to get me into the mood for the next phase. I guess walking could lose all the weight with proper nutrition but walking is only working a few parts of the body. Circuit training works a lot more and burns the calories faster in a shorter time. While walking I was trying to talk myself into starting this phase March 1….we’ll see.

Off to get ready to deal some poker tonight. Have a good evening!

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3 Responses to Belt Too Tight?

  1. I found your blog through CNC. You have a really ambitious goal. It’s great to see that you’ve lost so much weight already! Go You!

  2. Nicole says:

    Glad you’re feeling better!

  3. lowandbhold says:

    Wow good walk! That’s a long one. Glad it was pain-free.

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