Hit 9 but rethinking 10

So today without any hesitation at all I headed out for my walk. This was the 9th straight day I walked. Good right? Not exactly. Somehow even walking can cause injuries. Yesterday I had a painful lower left leg during the first half of my walk and again today. Except unlike yesterday it didn’t “loosen” up and go away today. So today about 20 mins in I said screw this,slowed down and walked for home. I ended up walking slowly around the neighbourhood for the extra 20 minutes to get my hour but it wasn’t fun.

I’m going to try again tomorrow but if it’s the same deal then I’m going to play it smart and shut it down. I learned from 3 years ago that if you keep exercising through injury it will only get worse. Before heading out I’m going to try stretching for a change and see if that helps any.

P.S: Wow first post since being on WordPress that I had no writing errors!

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2 Responses to Hit 9 but rethinking 10

  1. lowandbhold says:

    Oh no, I hope your leg pain isn’t persistant. That can be frustrating.

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