Took Yesterday Off

With it being a long weekend here in Ontario I was extra busy yesterday. I also had plans to play poker last night. Even with those 2 things the time to get my walk in was just there but I decided to take a break anyways. While I was working my left heel was a tiny bit sore so it wasn’t a bad decision. I’ll crank it back up this afternoon as it’s supposed to be a balmy -3C.

I’m playing poker again tonight and if doesn’t go as bad as last night I’m supposed to play Monday afternoon as well. Last night I played pretty bad. I was inpatient and a little bit unlucky. If it doesn’t go well tonight I’m going to take another hiatus from playing poker. Lucky for me half of last night’s money I lost I made dealing for tips Thursday night so it wasn’t as big a hit as normal.

Well I guess I better go as I do half to work today 😦

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3 Responses to Took Yesterday Off

  1. Nicole says:

    Work today? Boo! I was proud I checked my work email! Better luck tonight! Wishing some aces your way!

  2. I work every Saturday but never Sundays.

  3. tra33icp1mp says:

    Saturday night works well for me.. On hiatus myself but when I make an earn its heads up against some drunk at 2am.

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