Pushing It a Little

I woke up surprisingly early today, 11am, after a night of poker and watching the boob tube(TV..not porn,get your mind out of the gutter) afterwards. I got up and had my usual morning breakfast even though some may say it’s brunch or lunch. Every morning I have a smoothie that consists of 1/2c yogurt, 1/3c oatmeal(uncooked), fruit(usually strawberries or banana) and 1scoop of protein powder. Heck most days this is my breakfast and my lunch as it’s just too easy to double these ingredients in a blender and make 2 servings.

Then as if I haven’t played or watched enough poker the last three nights I started watching poker on the GSN channel. This wasn’t going to last long though as I still needed to get my walk in. My walk would start out carrying a 30lb box of frozen home fries to my customer who happens to be a block from my house. Guess they got swamped this morning with this being Valentine’s Day today. Them calling just after lunch was a good thing because I was enjoying being lazy.

Since I was going to be at that customer and they’re at the start of the “hill route” I did yesterday I decided to do it again. I’m thinking I should be doing this route every day now. It’s more intense than a flat walk. So anyways while walking to the first hill I decided I should try running down every hill today not just the last 2 like yesterday. I figured it would be a good test. It may have been pushing it a little but what the heck.

The running went really well as it’s 4 hours later and I’m not feeling any ill effects from it. I guesstimate the running was probably about 1 mile of the 4 miles I covered. It would have been less but as I got more confident I would run up the next hill as much as I could. I think every other day now I will try to do this as it will be a better workout and slowly ease my big frame into running again.

After that I did some paperwork for my deliveries Tuesday and for the last 3 hours have been waiting for my chili to finish cooking. This was the first time soaking beans for it and they are still fairly tough. Maybe they’d be better in a crockpot as they could cook all day and not have to worry about them like I am now. I wanted to use the dry beans because I could avoid all the salt canned ones have but this is taking a lot longer than I figured. Oh well at least the chili should be ready for lunch tomorrow,right? 🙂

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2 Responses to Pushing It a Little

  1. Erin says:

    Awesome job on the exercise! Every step makes a difference! I definitely need to work out tomorrow — lots of V-day candy today…

  2. lauralei says:

    I love poker too – texas holdem is my favorite – i play on the computer too and find that i sometimes sit too long – i usually don’t eat when i am playing though 🙂

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