Family Day

Today was Family Day here and I used it as a chance to do nothing. Well almost nothing. I did get called again by the same customer who called yesterday. I never thought to make sure they had enough of EVERYTHING. Oh well it got me out of the house. Since I was dressed for the outdoors I went for my walk. In keeping with my idea from yesterday I walked the hill route again. I wasn’t trying to hard just nice and steady. Wouldn’t you know it I had my fastest walk yet. If my calculations were right I did the 4 miles in 62 minutes shaving 2 minutes off. Can’t wait till I can run the whole thing and shave another 14-20 minutes off.

After that I took it easy. I was suppose to play in a poker tournament but never got the details from my brother’s friend so I said screw it. After the beating Friday night it was probably a good idea anyways. For my meals today I had the chili I made last night. It tasted good but the texture sucked as the beans were still fairly hard. I had it for all 3 meals to get through it quicker. Yeah that means I’ve been tooting a bit today 🙂 Anyone have any ideas how to soak dry beans better?

Tomorrow night if I don’t wuss out I may go play badminton. It’s good fun and last time I was out it was only $3/night.

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2 Responses to Family Day

  1. That’s one way to get rid of food – eat it all the time! When I do dried beans I heat them in a big pot of boiling water for about a minute, then I turn them down to low and keep testing them for softness. Usually it takes about 4 – 6 hours depending on the bean. Or else I just used canned!

    Great job on your walk – and thanks for commenting today!

    • John says:

      Wow 4-6 hours just to be able to then cook with the beans?! Rethinking whether I need to go through with this to avoid the salt in the canned ones! I thought you just soaked them in water for 24 hours.

      I’ll try your way next time though as I have a lot of dry beans still 🙂 Thank you for commenting too!

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