Still Waiting

This morning I had to take my truck in for repairs bright and early this morning. So that means I usually drive down to the city the night before and sleep in my truck. Saves me trying to wake up earlier than I normally do and allows me to avoid morning rush hour traffic. It also means my truck is first in the garage so I don’t waste time.

Today’s repair I was hoping would be easy but noooooooo, it wasn’t. Apparently I need a part they have NEVER had to replace. And ISUZU says I need a whole new transmission because they don’t have that part?! No way I say. They must have it. Otherwise that would mean it’s a $15,000 repair bill for one little part that the computer says is repairable. So now I’m still waiting to hear if they pulled their head out of their butt or not. I better hear from them tomorrow!

That pretty much was the excitement of the day other than the laundromat’s new dryers suck, I took another day of rest for my foot and our Thursday night poker league was over the earliest it’s ever been. I think the Olympics had something to do with that. Think I’ll leave it there and go see if Canada won their hockey game. They should have but they do have to play the game and anything can happen!

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2 Responses to Still Waiting

  1. $15,000 for REPAIRS?!! I really need to learn automotive repair, I’d become a very wealthy woman. LOL!

  2. Nicole says:

    Holy moly, that’s spendy! I’m enjoying the Olympics too…esp. the hockey šŸ™‚

    Have a great weekend, John!

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