Looking for Second Opinion

My day started well but then I had to ruin it by calling for an update on my truck. I was up early and out the door earlier than ever. My work was going well and it looked to be a good day. I was tired of waiting to hear from the garage though so I called them at 1pm. They had heard from ISUZU and the news wasn’t good. ISUZU only replaces the whole transmission! I still can’t believe it. The reason the garage hadn’t called me yet was that they were still waiting for a quote on a new transmission. So for now that leaves me driving my truck as is, which really isn’t doing bad, and waiting for the faulty part to blow the transmission completely. And of course figuring out where I’m going to come up with $10-15,000.I am looking for someone else who’s familiar with my model of truck or transmission to get a second opinion. Just when things look like they’ll improve in my life something comes up to blow those thought out of the water!

As for me:
I decided to give my foot a third day as I found yesterday my right foot was a bit sore now. Sometimes it takes 2 days for a body part to hurt after a workout so although unwanted it was not unexpected. Tomorrow I’m confident I will get out walking again.
In the past when injured my food intake would suffer but this week it hasn’t. I have kept off the junk food and have kept my calorie intake in line with my goals. Learning from past mistakes I’ve actually tried harder to hit my goals and not let myself wander off course.

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