Never Too Late

For whatever reason I was tired today and fell asleep for another 4-5 hours this afternoon after sleeping 9-10hrs last night. This meant it was 6pm and I still hadn’t got my exercise in. I decided food was more important at the time though pushed off my walk till 8pm. I walked pain free tonight for 4 miles in 64 minutes. I’ve been told not to workout too late at night but I think it’s never too late. Besides usually I’m so tired afterwards I usually have no problem falling asleep. The one exception is when I swim at night. For some reason although it makes me tired I’m wide awake at the same time.

So back to yesterday:
With my wondering if I may be able to get in good enough shape to run my second HM at the end of May I decided I needed to run. You know to get an idea of where my running is at and whether 14 weeks is enough time to not suck too badly at it. So yesterday after just three days off resting foot pain serious enough for me to quit walking I RAN. Well it was more like a slow jog but it was faster than walking 🙂

Yes I realize it was risky but if you follow me long enough you will find that I will push things just as much as I play it cautious. I walked 1/2 mile to warm up then ran/walk 3 miles before walking that 1/2 mile back home to cool down. I’m pleased to say that today I woke up with no foot pain. The last 1/4 mile or so my legs were feeling really good and part of me wanted to keep going but I knew I had already pushed it enough for today.

So tomorrow or Tuesday I’m going to try the same run and see how that goes. By Mar 1st I should have 2-3 more runs in and that night I’ll make the decision whether to sign up for the HM or not.

Now I’m going to finish watching “Confessions of a Reality show Loser” it features Erik Choplin the winner of “The Biggest Loser-Season 3”. He put a lot of weight back on after taking off 212lbs? for the show.

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  2. Erin says:

    Wow, I didn’t know one of the former BL contestants had his own show now. Hope he’s able to take off and keep off the weight this time.

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