Good News…Sort Of

Today started out well then fizzled out. Around 10am this morning I discovered my work truck had a fuel leak. They supposedly fixed it last week! Well $225 later it was fixed for sure this time but this put me behind 2.5 hours. The only good thing about this was that I got 2 quotes on fixing my transmission problem. Neither quote was for a new transmission so that’s why the news was sort of good. The quotes were for rebuilt ones.

1st quote was for $5000 + Labour + taxes and the 2nd quote was for $3750 + Labour + Taxes. I forgot to ask what kind of warranty was on the first quote but the second was 1 year or 30,000km(18,641 miles). That’s not great because I go through 70-80,000km/year. So really the warranty is for 6 months depending on time of year I have it installed(put more on during spring to fall). I’m going to do some more research but in the end I think this will be the route I’ll be going. $5000 or so is much more manageable them $15,000. Although there will be some risk that the new rebuilt doesn’t last as long as I’d like it to.

As for my exercise today I took the day off after my heel was bothering me a bit this afternoon. Waiting for my truck repair I was standing a lot in my work boots and the padding is not existent so I think that’s why my heel was bothering me. I plan on trying my second run when I wake up tomorrow. Depending on how that goes I may or may not play badminton again tomorrow night.

Guess I’ll go watch the final 5 pairs of Ice Dancing skaters go for the gold before hitting the hay. It’s the only way I watch figure skating! Looks like another Canada/USA battle.

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5 Responses to Good News…Sort Of

  1. Nicole says:

    Cars are brutal on the wallet, ouch!

    Take it easy at badminton — you’re hardcore!! 🙂

  2. April says:

    Poo, I hate car problems. I use to have them until I started buying Toyota. Now I just have to worrying about my brakes 😉

    Don’t push yourself too hard! I should practice what I preach. I’ve never played badminton but it looks like a nice fun sweat!

    I’ve also never tried sardines…i’m gonna get some!

  3. Doesn’t it stink when you have to spend money on car repairs? I want something to show for my money.

    Anyway, I hope the heel starts feeling better. Enjoy the rest of the Olympics. I know I’ve been glued to it most nights.

  4. biz319 says:

    Hey John! Sorry about the car situation – that stinks! 😦

    I used to have horrible heal pain, until I went to the foot doctor and get medically made inserts – the pain went away almost instantly!

    Looking forward to the women’s ice skating – I think it starts tonight!

  5. Yikes that’s a lot of money. I’m so sorry. We had a transmission replaced (rebuilt one) several years ago and it is still working. BUT, we don’t drive that car very much.

    I’m enjoying the Olympics as well!

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