Snow Cancelled Run

Mother Nature sent us some wet snow this morning so I decided not to run. Mainly because I needed my shoes clean for badminton. Besides no matter how the run went I would have been tempted to play badminton. So it was probably a good thing it snowed. It snowed about 2 inches but the temperature went above freezing today so it won’t be here long.

I found out tonight that badminton is going to run till the end of April so I’m going to try to get some proper shoes as my running shoes are not meant for it. My left heel is not nearly as sore as last week but sore enough I noticed it during the last few games I played. I’m hoping proper shoes will help out with the heel problem. Certainly would be nice as orthotics ran me $400 last time I got them.

I meant to bring my watch so I had a better idea of how much I played and therefore would know how many calories I burned but of course I forgot. I was there for about 2.25 hours and took a few extra breaks so I’m guessing I played 90 minutes again which is 1114 calories burned. I believe SparkPeople with the calories burned as badminton is exhausting especially the games against the better players. I’m running all over the court. Stopping and starting ,left and right non stop. Definitely a different cardio from running.

I’m leaving tomorrow up in the air whether to walk or run or rest till I know how my heel feels in the morning. I’m sure I won’t need 3 days rest like last week though. I hope 🙂

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  1. lowandbhold says:

    Dang, I wish I was athletic! I can’t do any sports that involve hitting things that are flying through the air, haha. Great workout though.

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