Still Ticking!

My heart is still ticking tonight. Just 3 hours later I’m feeling really good after my run. It was hard but I really pushed it this evening. I started out thinking I’d try to run the first mile without walking. But then during the run I’m thinking let’s try to run the first 2 miles. Well, before the end of the first mile I said the heck with this I’m going to try to run all 4 miles without walking. And run all 4 miles I did! I know kind of foolish but I wanted a good idea of where I was physically. This will provide me some valuable info on my Half Marathon decision next week though.

This will be my last straight out run for a few weeks I think. I trained for my first HM using the R/W method for the first half of training so plan on doing the same this time around if I sign up for it. I’m really pleased with the fact I physically was able to run the 4 miles straight and the fact that I was able to overcome my mind and body when one or both wanted to quit. I’m hoping to run again Friday and Sunday so I’ll have 3 runs in before decision time Monday.

Thanks for all the condolences on my truck repairs! I’m going in again tonight for some welding I’ve put off for a while now. Thinking should be only a couple hundred bucks so won’t be too bad. Since I’m going to drive down tonight and sleep in my truck again I’d better go. I have to make my breakfast and lunch to bring with me. Planning ahead is a key to staying on track with my challenges.

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  1. Astrid says:

    Awesome job running all 4 miles without walking! I am such a wimp when it comes to straight running. My mind hates it, so I always throw in some walking to break it up and add some “excitement” to the mix. It is so awesome that you can push yourself!

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