Suprisingly Well

That’s how I’d say my running is going. Yesterday I didn’t even take a walk to make sure I fully recuperated from my run on Wednesday. So that meant I had to get out running today no matter what. So after work I changed and headed right out. I chose the same 4 mile run(not my hill route) and settled on a “Run 5 minutes/Walk 2 minutes” plan. When I first started out I was intending to run easy but on my second 5min run I cranked it up instead. I ran fast and tried to walk briskly. Doing this I hit my 2 mile turn around point in 25 minutes. I was pretty happy because that works out to 12.5 min/miles. Not bad for my second run and weighing 313lbs!

On the return trip I thought for a few minutes to take it easy but only for a few. I ended up deciding to try for a negative split. I came close but couldn’t get the negative split. But at least it wasn’t a positive split either. I hit home exactly on 50 minutes! Sweet. Afterwards I took a leisurely 15 minute walk to cool down. I find it really weird that after walking 4 miles I have heel problems and when I run 4 miles I don’t. What’s with that? Only thing I can figure is that when I run I land on my feet different and/or it’s because my gait is different as well. Whatever the reason is I’m happy.

When I woke up this morning we had another 4 inches of heavy,wet snow. I wasn’t happy but I did burn 846 calories in the hour it took to clean the driveway. Between the shovelling,running and walking I burned 1777 calories. The food I ate today totalled 1784 calories. So that means I had a pretty significant calorie deficit today. Hopefully that will help translate into a pound or two weight loss 🙂 I’m hoping by Monday I’ll be close to 40lbs down but I think it may be out of reach. Not going to worry too much as this is a long process. I got lots of time to drop the lbs.

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  1. Congratulations on your great running. You are doing so well. You will reach your goals with that kind of dedication!

  2. april says:

    Wow that is a major calorie burn!! I don’t think I’ve ever burned more than 600..kudos!!

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