Registered Today

Well there’s no turning back now. This afternoon I registered for the Half Marathon being held May 30. This is one of many races being held during the Ottawa Race Weekend. It cost me $70 but because I signed up through Running Room they’re giving me a $10 coupon. This works because I’ll need a new pair of shoes before the race. Now I just have to decide whether I want to raise some money for the race charity or not. If I do and raise $250 they’ll reimburse my entry fee. There’s two problems with that. First it’s not something I like to do. Second is the charity is for a hospital that’s not in the area I live so I could have a problem raising $ because of it.

Before I registered I went for another run. I ran my flat 4 miles again but tried not to run too hard. I ran it in 51 minutes using the same R5/W2 and then added another 11 minutes of walking to cool down. Till the end of April all my Tuesday runs will be slow because I play badminton the same evening.

Badminton was a lot busier tonight. I thought it was because the Olympics were over but the regulars said it was the busiest night this season. This fact made the games spread out a lot more. I was there for 3 hours tonight but figure I still only got 1.5 hours of game play in. I’m getting better but still need a lot of work. You know your cardio is coming along nicely when you get to a few shots and you here some oohs because they didn’t think you would get there.

If I don’t forget tomorrow I’ll post my training plan for the HM.

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  1. I have health insurance coverage for naturopathic doctor visits, but I believe my doctor charged $180 for the first visit and $70 for each subsequent visit. I’m guessing this is pretty standard since it is almost exactly what my health insurance is willing to cover

  2. lowandbhold says:

    Congrats on registering! I’m hoping to run a HM at the end of April, but I am scared to register.

  3. Nicole says:

    THAT IS SO EXCITING! You go, John! Wooo!

    P.S. I just posted this week’s Q&A and got all your questions answered — I especially liked the green tea one 🙂

  4. That is fantastic that you signed up for the race. I was on the committee for Race for the Cure in my city and it is always amazing to take part in such an event. What better way to raise funds for the hospital than doing it through a fitness-related event.

    Good luck with your training.

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