UnPlanned Rest Day

I didn’t plan on two rest days in a row but that’s what happened. I just had other things that took priority today. Of course I allowed it after deciding I could and would run tomorrow no matter what. My day:

I actually had to work a bit today. My supplier got a bad load of potatoes and of course we didn’t know this till the customer used them. Of course that means there’s almost always some customer who needs them replaced before their next deliver day. By the time I had this done it was almost noon before I got back to town.

Before going home though I stopped at my doctor’s office. I asked if I could get my blood work done w/o seeing the doc first and what they check for. I can’t remember everything they told me they check but I’ll post everything after I get the results back on the 23rd. I’m just hoping I don’t forget I can’t eat till after they take my samples in the morning. I’m suppose to fast for 14 hours. I ended up being there for about an hour just chatting about my weight loss and badminton(her boys play) and healthy eating. When I finally reached home I had 2.5 hours till I had to leave again but had three different things I wanted to do. I ended up doing the paperwork for my business and for our poker league instead of getting my run in. I will run tomorrow though.

At 4pm I left again to pick up my Mom up from her work. From there we were heading to the city of Ottawa for a scroll saw seminar. She has a scroll saw that she has never used so back at Christmas I thought I’d treat her to this class. Turns out she has used a scroll saw once but was still really keen on taking the class. Since I was driving and paying for the class she bought us dinner before the class. We both had salads at Boston Pizza. I had the spinach salad and asked to have grilled chicken added to it since this had to do me for 14 hours. It was pretty good and also the first time I’d ever been in a Boston Pizza, maybe the last?

The scroll saw seminar was being held at Lee Valley Tools a popular higher end woodworking,hardware and gardening business. They have a lot of seminars and this one was the cheapest which was nice 🙂 It was only $21/each after taxes. We got a scroll saw magazine, about an hour intro into the scroll saw,blades and things you can do with it. Then we got the last 1.5 hours the store was open to try our hand at making something. I ended up making two projects. The first was going pretty well till my wood split on the grain and broke in 6 different spots. That sucked. It was a fish bowl with a fish and plant in a puzzle format. The second project was just simple and quick. It was a cockatoo that you hang on the side of a flower-pot or corner of door frame,etc.

Overall it was well worth the $20 and I think it’s something I’ll start doing as a hobby as soon as I have the money for my own scroll saw. It will give me something to do besides watching TV all the time! My mother was extremely happy with it as well and thanked me a few times for treating her to it. She made one thing which I think was a Christmas ornament. It was a round thing with 4 inner cut outs that left the image of a hummingbird. Between the inner cuts and the tiny cuts for a hummingbird that probably why she only got one finished. I did take a picture of mine just now so after I post this I’ll try to figure out the pic loading thing on WordPress.

Oh and one last thing here’s a copy of my Mom’s response when I e-mailed her my HM confirmation this morning. Got to love her,eh? Really can’t back out now 🙂

Wow – you going to run this May 30th??
You are really serious – can’t wait to talk to you tonight…
Proud of you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I’m out of breath just thinking about it ! ha-ha)

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4 Responses to UnPlanned Rest Day

  1. lauralei says:

    i have dabbled with a little woodworking myself and it is very satisfying – people love the gifts you can make too

  2. Nicole says:

    Your mom is cute : )

    Let me know if you have any issues with pictures. I don’t upload anything to a site, I just upload into WordPress directly from my camera.

    P.S. Odd that they ask for a 14 hour fast. We always tell people to not eat after midnight which is usually an 8-10 hour fast.

  3. Sounds like a nice day off– and a good deal!

  4. Astrid says:

    Your mom sounds so sweet! It must be great to have her support. Good for you for taking a well deserved break from exercise. I need to do that some time soon, it is just so much easier for me to work out in the morning and not fret about it. You are right, I am a klutz and probably crazy for finding eaier to runa nd workout every day than to do my research!!

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