Felt Like a Runner

True to my word I went out after work and got my run in after missing it yesterday. I decided since I had two complete days off exercise that I should push my run today. So I tried to beat my previous best 50 minutes for 4 miles. It started out not bad but just couldn’t keep a good pace. I ran the first 2 miles in 26 minutes but the last 2 miles flew by in 23:35 for almost a 2.5 negative split!

When I was running that last 2 miles I felt like a runner. The way I felt I was moving I was thinking if someone was watching they’d say I was running. Where as last week I felt like a slow-moving sloth who people would have thought maybe I was jogging or fast walking. Next up running wise is a 6.5 mile run Sunday.

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2 Responses to Felt Like a Runner

  1. Fantastic!Sometimes I have days when I feel really strong and some days when I feel like that sloth you described. Isn’t it strange how that happens. I wonder if your body really needed those two days of rest to come back stronger.

  2. Jess says:

    NICE! Good job. I’m pushing for 4 miles. I’m trying to keep a 12-minute mile pace so we’ll see. Goal for the week is 17 total miles.

    Keep running!

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