Increased My Calorie Intake

I haven’t really talked too much about my overall food intake while trying to drop the weight. Just the general of cutting out white death and trying not to eat out. Besides that I’d say the next biggest thing I’m doing is counting my calories and trying to keep my carb,fat and protein ratio at 40:30:30. For the first 6 weeks of the year I was keeping my calories around 1800-2200 a day. At this level I lost 30lbs and was pretty easy to do.

For the next couple weeks I tried keeping my calories down at 1600 calories. I heard this was the lowest safe level for males. This was actually pretty easy to do in that I wasn’t hungry when I thought I would be. I may not have tried this long enough but at 1600 calories I felt like I was tired more often and my weight plateaued even increasing a pound one week. I started running around the same time so that may be another reason this lower intake didn’t work for me.

So this week I decided to move my calorie intake back to my original level and I’m already seeing a difference. The scale has started going down again and my energy level is a lot better. I’ve also started to take a multi-vitamin and a flax seed oil supplement and a selenium pill. I’ll see how things go from here calorie and supplement wise and re-evaluate next month.

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12 Responses to Increased My Calorie Intake

  1. biz319 says:

    Yep – 1600 is way too low for a man – your body goes into starvation mode because it fears it isn’t going to get enough fuel.

    Curious why you are doing the flax seed oil supplement though? Not exactly sure what that even is! 😀

  2. lauralei says:

    flax seed for the omega 3 fatty acids? – looking at your weight chart helped – i was getting ready to reach for a piece of chocolate – but i think i will head to bed instead 🙂

  3. John says:

    Yes the Flax Seed Oil was for Omega 3’s. When I was at the local nutrition store I was looking at it beside the fish oils. Fish oil quite often comes back up on me a bit and doesn’t taste good :-)so thought I’d try something different. I just read up a bit on it and seems like they may not be as good so will probably go back to fish after this bottle runs out.

  4. Jess says:

    I always feel like such a dbag for shamelessly plugging my own site but I feel like it needs to be done in your case (figuring out your daily caloric allowance):

    It’s not a set in stone number but it’s a pretty good indication. You were starving your poor body at 1600 cal a day. Don’t do that! As weird as it sounds, you need fuel to burn the fat!

    But consider me completely jealous that guys have more lean muscle mass and burn more calories sitting there than girls do.

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  8. Michelle says:

    It’s good to try changing it up, and you learned that 1600 wasn’t working for you.
    Thank you for your support!!

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