Just Do It Already

That’s how I get at least a couple of my walks or runs in each week. Part of me wants to just chill in front of the TV or computer and the other part wants to get the exercise in. Eventually it’s like a third part of my brain(the ref?) comes in shouting and tells the other two to “Just Do It Already!”. And you know I’m usually off right away when the ref comes in.

Today was similar in that the ref had to step in but on a slightly different matter. Today I couldn’t decide between running my normal “flat” 4 miles or try running the “hilly” 4 miles that I’ve only walked so far. Only 2 minutes into this debate the ref stepped in and said “Just Do It Already!” So who am I to argue? LOL So I did it already!

Where was the ref the last 2 years? Guess I wasn’t paying him enough because the uncaring,junk food loving part of me won all the battles from late ’07 to late ’09. Thankfully the caring about himself part of me is winning the battle these days and when he needs a little help the ref steps in 🙂

Today’s exercise : 4 hilly miles all running in 50min 08sec and 26min of walking to cooldown afterwards.

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3 Responses to Just Do It Already

  1. Nicole says:

    We’re all like that…don’t beat yourself up! Just don’t let the couch win!

  2. Michelle says:

    Congrats, way to listen to your ref!
    You mentioned in your comment on my blog that you have pumpkin in your cupboard that you’ve never used – try it in oatmeal! So good!

  3. Jess says:

    Hilly miles conquered! Good job! I looked up a 5K in April that I’m going to run.

    Anyway. It’s not that you didn’t listen to your ref the last 2 years, it’s just that he was dormant and sleeping. He wasn’t there to step in. But now, you’ve got that little man training every day so he’s eager to jump in and be like YO JOHN, GET YO ASS IN GEAR while before, he was snoozing.

    Keep it up! I’m going to the gym right now. Bleh, so tired 😦

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