Running Slow is Hard

Right after I posted last night I accepted an invite to play poker so I didn’t get my exercise in yesterday. I didn’t beat myself up though like I use to though. Instead I made myself a deal that I would run today instead of walking. I knew I’d have to take it slow since I also had my normal run Sunday to do. Past history also suggests running multiple days in a row is not good for my knees as well.

So today I tried to run slow and keep it at 30 minutes max. I must say I hate running slow. I would rather just go out and run the distance and get it over with. However I kept with the plan and ran roughly 12.5 min/miles. I also ran only 30 minutes to the second. Afterwards I just walked around the bigger block for 12 minutes. I usually would do 30 minutes to get my 1HR of exercise in for the day but I have another poker game tonight and I’m going to walk there and back. That should give me another hour of exercise.

Tomorrow’s plan calls for only a 3 mile run but I think I’ll bump it to 4 miles depending on how I feel after today’s run.

REMEMBER to turn your clocks ahead an hour before bed 🙂

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4 Responses to Running Slow is Hard

  1. lowandbhold says:

    Social activities are always more fun than exercise. I think you made the right choice, especially since you’re walking.

    I didn’t have any warm green workout clothes for today. It was cold out and I didn’t want to spend money to be green. It would have been fun to dress up though!

  2. Thanks for the reminder about the time change! I think you are smart to not overdo the running fast so you can protect your knees!

  3. Jess says:

    Not all of us can be a speed demon like you John! I’m working on cutting down the 5K time. But definitely taking a break from the treadmill. I ran outside today for a mile, not too bad. Could’ve gone longer if my dad wasn’t such a wuss.

    Anyway, keep it up. Good luck with the poker!

    Do my weekly challenge 😛

  4. Did you win in poker? Good for you in keeping up the fitness!

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