Stuck to the Plan

As some of you probably have figured out by now I like to deviate from the plan once in a while. I was tempted to do that when I finally woke up this afternoon at 2pm. Reason was it was raining pretty good. However after eating and letting it digest for an hour it was down to a drizzle so I decided to stick with my plan which called for a 4 mile run. The actual plan called for 3 miles but 4 is so much easier…lol and seems like I did something where as 3 miles or less seems like a walk in the park. Ok maybe a bit harder than that 🙂 I ended up running the 4 miles without walking in 46:48.

After the run it was time to do some laundry..oh joy! It’s not as bad as it use to be since I got the Iphone. Listened to some Boston,Cream and Bon Jovi while reading the local paper. Time flew by and before I knew it I was struggling with my car to drive around the block to get home. Seems now that I know what the work truck needs my car spoke up saying it needs something,too. I’m hoping it’s something cheap like the clutch linkage but it may be the whole clutch. Tomorrow before work I’ll drop it at the garage and hopefully get some good news. Seems like the crap never stops at times.

If I have a few minutes I’ll post a quick weigh-in in the morning.

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One Response to Stuck to the Plan

  1. Jess says:

    Aw man, I’m just not going to type anything out in fear of jinxing myself but good luck with the car fixing. Hopefully it’s not the entire clutch, that stuff is expensive.

    Nice job on the 4 miles and the time! Man, I still haven’t been able to run 4 miles yet. Will hopefully do it soon. So tired.

    I was SO lazy today. It was great. Will do my personal challenge soon but still waking up from my late nap haha.

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