Verdict in the Morning

Today when I woke up I felt like my right foot was 100% and my left was 95% at least. So for me that meant I try to run and just pay attention when I’m out there. It started out pretty well but by about the 3/4 mile mark my foot didn’t feel right anymore. By the 1 mile mark I decided to call it quits. I walked home from there and just certain ways my foot would bend it would either be sore or not feel normal. Better safe than sorry as I had already doled out the dough for my HM.

Normally that would be the end of anyone else’s post but I’m not normal 🙂 I decided I would at least test out playing badminton tonight before calling it quits completely. I know I may pay for it tomorrow! Except for a couple times badminton actually went fairly well. There were 3 or 4 times early on where certain moves to get the birdie I’d feel my foot but other than that it went alright. I know it did restrict how many times I didn’t go for a shot but still got a good sweat on.

I’ll be honest that right after I finished tonight I had two thoughts going through my head:
1. I worked the kinks out of my foot playing
2. I made it worse and that’s why I didn’t feel too bad afterwards

I guess I’ll have the verdict in the morning 🙂 Sweet dreams everyone!

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3 Responses to Verdict in the Morning

  1. What settings do I have to change so that you can add me to your blog feed? I follow people, and then the feed shows up on my blogger page. I didn’t know there was another option!! Can you not follow with wordpress? Help!! Haha!

  2. I just checked the settings and it says “allow blog feeds”, and I had “full” checked off. Is there something else I need to do? Man, oh man, I am technologically illiterate!

  3. Weird 🙂 At least you got it to work! When I follow blogs I just click on add on my dashboard reading list and a box comes up that I can paste the address into. Then I get a feed of all the new posts. I am not sure how wordpress works though.

    Anywho … I will follow you 🙂

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