No More Harm Done

Upon waking up this morning I was delighted to find out I didn’t do any more harm to my foot. I didn’t think it should as badminton compared to running is a lot less pounding on your feet. I’d say this morning my foot was better than it was after my walk Monday evening and the same or slightly better than before badminton. After working all day it actually feel better than this morning. I don’t know if that has anything to do with me continually stretching and contorting my foot while driving or not. The more I did it the better it felt both at rest and walking.

Today as usual is a planned rest day so I’m obviously staying with that and relaxing tonight. Tomorrow is a normal 4 mile run but I’m skipping it now. I’m thinking badminton again would be a better option so I may try to get out of poker tomorrow night so I can go to badminton instead. I mean I burn just as many calories so why not.

I’ve been trying to figure out why my foot started bugging me and I’m thinking it’s related to my heel hurting a few weeks ago. In trying to keep the heel from flaring up again I’m thinking maybe I’ve been landing too much on the ball of my foot instead of more on the heel. Happens a lot when you get injured you compensate for it and the compensating ends up causing problems! So when I do get back to running on the weekend I’m going to try to keep that in mind.

To those of you celebrating St.Patrick’s Day…remember you have to work in the morning 🙂

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7 Responses to No More Harm Done

  1. Glad the foot is doing better.

  2. april says:

    I’m glad your foot is doing better! That would be awful if you ended up hurting it! 😦 I’ve never played badmitton.. what’s it like??

  3. Dean says:

    I’ve been trying to lose some weight by better eating and exercising myself. And like you I’ve experienced some foot discomfort (I don’t think it’s bad enough yet to call it pain). I decided to bike for awhile because you don’t have near the jarring on you joints, and of course feet. So far it seems to be working pretty good. I biked 12 miles on my first day and 7 on the second. I think the foot fills a bit better, and certainly hasn’t gotten any worse. Don’t know if you have a bike but if you do you might give it a try.

  4. Glad your foot is doing better. Have you gone in for a professional shoe fit? That might really help you out.

  5. Nicole says:

    Hope you had a good evening doing which ever exercise you chose — run or badminton!

    And I am drinking a beer as I catch up on blogs. But just one (big) beer! 🙂 I’ll be ready to rock and roll in the AM!

  6. Haha, yeah I came home early from the beer drinking festivities. I knew I would regret it tomorrow if I didn’t!

  7. Jess says:

    The second week and third week after I started working out (so second/third week of February), my left foot hurt pretty badly every day. I think it was a stressed/swollen tendon. I put it in a hot water bath every day and took advil for a few days, and eventually it went away but that was ont he top of my foot. Don’t know about the bottom.

    Have you considered getting your shoes fitted? I wear New Balances (love them!) but I’ve heard lots of runners get a boost by getting fitted shoes because it gives you a lot more support.

    Didn’t break the 8:30 milestone today but ran at 8:30 pace for about 5 minutes. Not bad. Tiredddd.

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