48 Hours

Even though I worked today my foot actually improved as the day went on. I know I should deploy R.I.C.E but I have no ice or compression. If I have no reason to be on my feet I’m laying in bed resting my foot so that will have to do for now.
I’ve usually been pretty fortunate over the years as I’ve never iced ever and usually recover pretty quickly. Guess this is one of those times I should invest in ice and compression bandages 🙂

I’m helping my friend run a big poker tournament tomorrow and it’s going to be a long one. That means I probably won’t post again for 48 hours. This is my buddy’s last tournament he’s running so he’s gone nuts giving them 2.5 times the normal starting stack for our Saturday tournaments(7X our weekly Thurs nights). Between the starting stack and the extended blind times I don’t expect we’ll have a winner till at least 6am Sunday and that will be 16 hours after we start!
So Saturday I’ll be working and Sunday I’ll be sleeping 🙂

Try and be a little more active than I will be and enjoy your weekend!

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5 Responses to 48 Hours

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  2. Hope your foot does better. Enjoy the poker!

  3. Enjoy the poker tournament! And I hope that your foot gets better by next week!

  4. Michelle says:

    thanks so much for your support on my blog! I hope the foot feels better!

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