Damn Taxman!

How’s everyone today? I’m doing well even though the title may suggest otherwise. Back in February I sent my tax return in early to Canada Revenue Agency. I had paid my accountant $300 for this pleasure but according to him I was supposed to get $400 back. So 6 weeks later I get a nice brown envelope in the mailbox which finally was the cheque from the government. Yahoooo I had a lot of things that $400 would pay off. Not so fast Johnny Boy!! My cheque when I opened the envelope was made out for $37.14?! So of course I read the fine print and supposedly the accountant made a calculation error and tried to put through too much of a capital expense or something or other and final out come means a lot less money. I’m over it now but for the last 2 hours my glass half full side was saying at least you got money back and didn’t owe while the glass half empty said rip off, I was suppose to get $400 …lol.

I just finished trying to get my scroll saw cutting properly and I think I succeeded. I figured out the blade that was installed was no good and that both blades that were sent with it are thicker than the one I practiced with earlier this month. This mean my tight turns weren’t too tight and my sharp corners weren’t too sharp. You should be able to see that
in the photos below. The star on the left still needs to have the middle of it cut out between the pencil lines. I haven’t been able to find my drill bits yet so that’s why it isn’t finished. The star on the right was just a quick trace of the first and cut for practice. Tomorrow I’m going to stop at Home Depot and get new blades for it so I can try tougher projects.

That’s all for now. See you tomorrow!

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  2. Ahhhhh how frustrating!!!! Something like that has happened to me in the past too 😦

  3. You know with taxes, it is always best to break even, otherwise you are giving the government an interest free loan if you get a bunch back!

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