In The Mood

Well hello everyone! For the last 48 hours I haven’t been in the mood to write a post or read others. Don’t know why but I’m in the mood again. Since my run Thursday morning I didn’t do any exercise at all hoping I’d be able to get a pain free run in today. That seemed to work as I ran 3 miles today without walking and without any pain or worries. After my run this morning I had an hour before a friend and I teed it up for our first round of golf this year.

It may not have been smart to golf today but I decided to risk it anyways. The reason it was a risk is that I wasn’t paying for a cart and therefore had 4.5 hours of walking to contend with. I didn’t reinjure any of my previous foot pains so I think it will work out. Both my feet just weren’t use to all that walking,standing and carrying golf clubs so it was a different discomfort. The round of golf went pretty well for the first one. I shot 105 with 2 pars and my buddy beat me with 103 no pars. We usually play for a plaque we created but today didn’t count towards it. It was a good time even though it was a windy cold 6C/43F.

Between golf and my run SparkPeople put my calorie burn at 3041…not too shabby! Since I got up late and ran before eating my first meal of the day I’m going to have quite the calorie deficit today. So far I’ve only eaten 1290 cals and it’s already 7:26pm. I’ll probably have at least 300 more around 9 but I don’t like eating a lot late at night so don’t think I’ll make my 1800-2200 daily calorie goal. I’m not hungry so I doubt it will be a concern missing it for one day.

Guess I’ll go see how your weekends went now. Who’s everyone got for winning the Final Four? My team just got in 5 minutes ago so I’m taking them…Duke 🙂

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3 Responses to In The Mood

  1. biz319 says:

    Wow, that is a lot of walking!! My husband always gets a cart! 😀

    I don’t know anything about basketball – we are huge White Sox Fans and my husband is a die hard Bears fan.

    Glad you were up to posting!!

  2. You are so active!! You must be in fantastic shape!!!

  3. lauralei says:

    the amount of calories burned is great! i would automatically think – good i can eat more 🙂

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