Back Once Again

Not long after posting last night my internet went down while trying to catch up on the blogs I follow. So now I’m 3 days behind on some of you. Thankfully when I got home from work this afternoon the internet was working again. Most important thing about it working properly is keeping track of my calories. I can do it through my Iphone but I find it much easier from the laptop. Counting calories I think is the biggest reason I’m losing the weight as well as I am. I was eating this well 3 years ago but wasn’t counting calories. So now that I see this working so well I need my SparkPeople at home to keep it going!

Lauralei commented on yesterday’s post that she would up the calories if she knew she was burning as many calories as I was. I guess some days like yesterday I could but I’m trying not to because things are going so well keeping it in the usual 1800-2200 calories. I figure I’ll keep this up till I see a plateau in my weight or a change in my energy level. If I’m not eating enough and doing too much exercise for the food I’m eating I should feel the difference and will up the calories then.

When Jolene commented yesterday…”You are so active!! You must be in fantastic shape!!!” I immediately smiled and kind of chuckled at the thought of me being in fantastic shape. I’ve been thinking about it since though and she’s right. I mean I can run 6.7 miles now. I play badminton for 1.5-2 hours every Tuesday. My running off days I walk 4 miles(when uninjured!) and now I’m golfing which I walk and carry my clubs. So yes I’m in great shape it’s just that the body doesn’t look as good as its functioning now. I’m working on that though and eventually the wrapper will match the core.

I was thinking of writing something else but I can’t remember what it was so I’ll leave it at that for today. Have a good evening everyone!

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4 Responses to Back Once Again

  1. 🙂 Keep up your great exercise routine and the wrapper will match the core in no time. You are already doing more that most people (and by most people, I mean me).

  2. It is interesting what you said about the body not looking as good as it functions. When my knees were in issue, before I started working with my trainer, I looked fine, I was at a good weight, but I wasn’t functioning the way I wanted. I would have given anything to wake up in the morning and know I could walk down the stairs without pain.

    The toned body will come, enjoy the way you body feels and functions for you, that is priceless.

  3. i feel you. i know i’m in good shape but you probably couldn’t tell by looking at me.

  4. listedmal says:

    It’s amazing what our bodies can do, even when we don’t look or feel like we should be able to do it. Or vice versa, sometimes people look like they should be super healthy and fit, but they really aren’t.

    That being said, it does sound like you’re in pretty good shape, and if you can do all this now imagine how fast and strong you will be when you get to your goal, you’ll be on fire.

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