Forced Run

This will be quick folks. I worked today because when it suits me I’m a good Roman Catholic boy and take the holidays off 🙂 Tomorrow I’m golfing at noon and walking it again. I was going to run tomorrow instead of today but forced myself out the door at 5pm when I got home from work. It was alright in the end but the first 2 miles I had to force myself to run as I didn’t really want to run. I came in slow and steady at 48min for 4 miles with a 15min walk after to cool down.
I normally post a review of how my challenges are going for the previous month but that will have to wait till tomorrow.
Have a good evening folks I’m off to deal the weekly poker game. I leave you with a pic from last Sunday’s golf game. It’s my friend looking for his ball just left of the par3 18th hole that is a pennisula green.
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2 Responses to Forced Run

  1. Nicole says:

    I hate when runs just don’t feel good. Enjoy golfing tomorrow!

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