Gooood Easter Dinner

I just got home from my parents where everyone but my youngest sister was there for Easter dinner. My mom decides the day based on everyone’s availability to get the most of us there as possible. It was a good time and the dinner was great. On the menu was ham, boston baked beans,spanish rice and salad. I had 2 plates of everything but the salad. I decided since I have been really good I was going to allow myself the extra plate of dinner but skip desert. I had also kept my calories low going into the dinner so I wasn’t going to be over my calories wildly. I just estimated the best I can on Sparkpeople and dinner came in at 1786 calories. This put me at 3162 calories for the day meaning I was over 962. I’m not worried about this at all as I’m in full control and besides I have to run 9.5 miles Sunday. So all those extra calories will be burned off quickly. I’ll leave you with 2 pics of myself taken tonight at 292.4lbs and a pic of my two nieces Brooklyn and Natasha also taken tonight. I’m still looking for a pic from Xmas for my “before” pic. Good night.

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3 Responses to Gooood Easter Dinner

  1. Sounds like a delicious dinner! So glad you could spend time with your family. Great pictures and the nieces are so cute!

    Hope your week will go well!

  2. Family time is always a good time, extra calories or not.

  3. That dinner sounds good!! The Boston baked beans especially!!

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