10 Mile Run with my New Garmin Forerunner 305 w/HRM

To be honest I was kind of dreading today. Sundays are my long run days and 9.5 miles was on my half marathon plan today. I haven’t run over 4 miles since my long run 4 weeks ago when I ran 6.7 miles. As you all know my persistent foot injuries were the reason for that. Even walking the golf course this past Friday my foot was bothering me but it did go away overnight. This morning it felt fine so I really had no excuses left to at least go try running.

Before heading out I had a smoothie to fuel me up for the 2 hours or more I’d be gone. While I was downing it I played with my new Garmin Forerunner 305 w/HRM that I purchased last Wednesday at the Running Room. I almost bought it off Open Sky’s through Carrots ‘n’ Cake but decided to check out RR (Running Room) one more time. Well I was surprised as they had them at a low $179.99 plus tax. So in Ont,Canada where I am that means $203.39. I had a $10 gift certificate for the RR for signing up for my HM through them. So for a price of $193 I decided I better get one quick 🙂

When I set up the Garmin I set it with a low pace alert of 12:30min/miles and a high pace alert of 11:30min/miles. I picked the times because it was a long run and I hadn’t run past 6.7 miles yet so I didn’t want to run too hard and bonk before the finish line. I only had one problem with setting up the Garmin and that was getting the HRM to sync up with it. In the end what worked was taking the battery out and putting it back in. I was all set to go so go I did at 10:51am. The weather was sunny and warm but the wind made it feel good out there.

Almost immediately starting off down the street the Garmin went off…I was running too fast! Then before you knew it I was going too slow! It took some time getting use to my new running partner 🙂 I had intentions of using the Run/Walk method but my mind said screw it this will be a good mental and body test. So run it all I did! Almost as I stopped very quickly just before mile marker 7 to grab a Powerade Zero at a country store. I tried running while drinking but I’m out of practice so at 6.97 miles I walked .05m while drinking about a third of the drink. I drank the other 2/3 over two walking breaks of 0.10 miles at mile markers 7.95 and 9.0.

My running went very well with my body having no problems with the running or distance. My mind on the other hand was trying to get me to give up the odd time but I wouldn’t let it. My body felt so good and I had no foot pain so it was all engines forward! I should have and could have stopped running at 9.5 miles but now that I have a Garmin I really wanted to know what the distance of my “10 mile block” actually was. So run home I did because I couldn’t wait for another running day to find out 🙂 I guess whatever vehicle I used to measure it before was a little off because “my block” is only 9.95 miles long…damn disappointing…lol.

Now that I have my Garmin that means more stats for you guys 🙂 First number is time for each mile,second is my avg heart rate for the mile and the 3rd number is my max heart rate during each mile.
Mile 1…. 12:30….140….48
Mile 2…. 12:26….148….152
Mile 3…. 12:00….153….157
Mile 4…. 12:07….155….159
Mile 5…. 12:04….155….158
Mile 6…. 11:52….157….160
Mile 7…. 12:54….160….165(stopped twice)
Mile 8…. 12:03….159….163
Mile 9…. 12:06….159….164
Mile 9.95…11:35…161…166
Total Time: 2:01:42…..155…166

They say for your heart rate should be 85% of your maximum heart rate for the best fat burning results. To figure out your maximum heart rate you take the number 220 and subtract your age. So my max. HR is 182. 85% of my HR works out to 155. I was pretty amazed that my HR averaged out at 85% for the 10 miles. The other benefit of the HRM is knowing exactly how many calories you’re burning. Today I burned 2190 calories just on the run. I turned it off for the walk afterwards.

All in all I was happy with the Garmin today. I was thinking of doing a review on it today but decided I’d wait till I used it a bit more. Maybe after I bike with it and even try playing badminton with it I’ll try my hand at a review.

Hope everyone had a good day whether they observe Easter or don’t. See you tomorrow morning with my weekly weigh in.

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  5. Jessie says:

    Ahh, that’s so close to 10 miles – only 0.05 miles off! Oh well, maybe next time. I’m glad you had a good run today, without pain. I’m impressed with your Garmin’s ability. I use an old Polar occasionally, but I find it doesn’t work all that well – maybe I don’t have it positioned correctly? Also, when it did work, it would tell me my heart rate is too high – which I can believe. Thanks for the tip on heart rates. I’ll keep it in mind. Have a great day!

  6. Nicole says:

    Awesome job, John! Isn’t the Garmin amazing? As soon as I heard about it, I was on amazon.com. I use it all the time, even for silly stuff like seeing how far I walk chasing Lily around at the dog park. Your average HR each mile is impressive. Your fitness level sounds great! Keep up the good work! You’ll be so prepared for that 1/2!!

  7. Dean says:

    I’ve been thinking about getting a forerunner for a while. I probably will order one next week, or at least by June. They look like they would be a big help in setting one’s pace.

  8. Marni Mires says:

    I have a garmin 305 and I can’t figure how to see my mile pace for each mile. The only one I can see is my average mile pace. Can you help me out? Thanks so much.

    • John says:

      Do you mean when you are running or afterwards while looking at the stats in the Garmin Training Center?
      Of course both of these depend on you having the laps set at 1 mile. My bike and run on the Garmin are set to 1 mile but my “Other” that I use for my cool down walk
      is not set up yet and will give you the pace for the whole walk or when you hit the lap button yourself.

      So assuming it’s set up with laps being 1 mile:
      If it’s while running:
      it’s simply clicking on the arrow buttons on the right side of your Garmin till you get the right screen. When I turn my Garmin on the screen I get is:
      overall time,current pace and total distance.
      To get the screen I think you want you simply click on the down arrow ONCE. This will display the “current lap pace, current lap time and current lap distance.
      The “current lap pace” constantly re-adjusts your expected lap time. I really like this screen for my runs and almost always use it as I find it easier to keep a more steady pace.

      If it’s while in GTC trying to look at the stats:
      You need to find your workout on the left side and if you’ve done more than one workout that day you need to click on the exact workout to bring up only the totals for that workout. You will see also that a lot of the workout are grouped by weeks and they will bring up the totals for each day on the screen…in that case again you need to bring up the exact workout by clicking on the + button for that week and then clicking on the right workout. This should display only that workouts totals and give you the lap pace for each lap.

      Hope that was helpful as I’m not an expert on these yet. Been learning as I go. If this wasn’t helpful let me know what I didn’t clear up and I will try and do that. If I have moretime next time maybe I’ll put up a pictorial. Wanted to tonight but too busy 🙂

      I also can direct you to someone who probably knows everything about them if you’d rather! Have a good night!

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