Ignorance is Bliss

I’ve been waiting for a month because of a foot injury to start speed work. Tonight I finally got to do it and it went better than expected. This is because when I was setting my Garmin’s pace alerts I set it up wrong. What was suppose to be a run pace between 10min/miles and 11 min/miles ended up being between 8:35min/mile and 10min/mile! Obviously if you put your desired fast pace in the slow pace spot it readjusts the fast pace. Doh!

So here I am the first mile running thinking I’m too tired from work and bloated from all the water I drank today because I’m not feeling that great. I decide I better take a break when the Garmin tells me I have run a mile. Imagine my surprise when I look and see I ran the mile in 9:51.71 !!!!!! No wonder I was feeling the way I was I was running a lot faster than I have and faster than I planned on today!

While taking a breather I reset the Garmin so it would be set right for the next mile. Once it was set I restarted it and took off. This mile was tough as well and immediately I was thinking I reset it wrong…lol. I was also realizing I didn’t need the sweatshirt so I planned a stop at my work truck which is my 2 mile turn around where I dropped my stuff. It’s nice having a secure place away from home to stash clothes or drinks for my runs. When I got to the truck I discovered I did indeed set the Garmin wrong again…jeepers! This mile was a lot slower though at 10:40.94 but still faster than my year so far.

At this point I finally figured out how to set my Garmin and was on my way for mile 3. This one was going well til about 1/2 way through when of course my left foot acted up. It seems like it’s tender when I’m in 5th gear. I walked for about a 1/10 of a mile to gauge it then took off again. I knew it was there but didn’t hurt so kept pushing it. I hit the 3 mile mark in 9:41.24 …..smoking! This was after walking a bit of it. Oh yeah you guessed it although I had set my Garmin right now I just ran through all the “slow down” warnings 🙂

At this point I’m like I have to push it for the last mile to try for my best 4 mile time this year. I didn’t reset the Garmin this time though I just left it. I knew when I was running if it told me to slow down I was running below 10min/miles. This mile was just as hard as the first mile because I was tired and mentally running low on the power to push my body but I did it. I even ran full tilt up the hill that runs 4 block before my street. Though will admit when I was at the top of the hill I had to slow down a bit as that was rough. With the walking in between miles I had to run by my house 2 blocks to get the last mile in. Mile 4 was my fastest mile unbelievably at 9:39.93 WooHoooooo!

Total run time: 39:53.82
(not counting break between miles 30-60sec each roughly,maybe less)

Quite the breakthrough in my running speed today all because of my ignorance and not my desire to run that fast. Funny how things go sometimes! Guess I have to give the Garmin and myself some credit as well because this is one of the reasons I bought it in the first place.

So far I have no one saying don’t do the Half Ironman. Anyone reading this feel free to weigh in on this subject. For some background on my triathlon experience I give you this:

2007 I did an Olympic Triathlon in 3:04:35
Rough breakdown:
1500m Swim w/transition time: 0:39:xx
40km Bike only: 1:21
10km Run w/transition:1:04:xx

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6 Responses to Ignorance is Bliss

  1. Glad to hear that the foot is doing nicely. Best of luck with the half ironman. I think that is amazing. I always admire people who take on such challenges.

  2. Great job with the run!! I guess sports are all mental, eh?

  3. biz319 says:

    Wow – that is a fast first mile! Awesome run John!!

  4. I’m so impressed! You are fast. I am so slow I can’t imagine adding in speed work – I’d probably finally look like most people at a slow pace!

  5. Nicole says:

    That Ironman sounds intense! Are you currently biking or swimming at all?

    • John says:

      Hi Nicole, Of course I’m not biking or swimming yet. That’s part of the challenge 🙂 It would be 13 weeks from this coming sunday to train for it. Actually I was out once on the bike so far….10 miles in 40:44. Late here so got to go. Let me know what you think, John

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