Cook 1 – 0 Spudman

For the last hour I’ve been watching the last 11 holes of the Masters. It’s so nice watching people make great golf shots after making so few of them myself. I played yesterday and today and it wasn’t pretty. I don’t know what happened but I went from shooting 91&93 last weekend to shooting 108 yesterday and 110 today. Needless to say I lost both rounds but only yesterday’s really hurt. Yesterday was the first round in a race to 9 wins between my friend “The Cook” and me “The Spudman”. He’s a cook for one of my customers and I sell potatoes hence the name of the plaque we play for each year. After my brutal play he now leads it 1-0. I don’t mind losing if I’m playing half decent but if I’m brutal I’m not a happy camper 🙂 Hopefully I can forget this weekend as we are tentatively scheduled to play our second round on Thursday.

Other than the golf my weekend was great. Business went well yesterday and I made $175 last night playing poker. I still need to do laundry but that will have to wait till the Master’s is over. I’m either putting my run off till tomorrow or I’m going to do it while my laundry is in the washer at the laundromat. Just can’t decide yet as my feet are feeling the walking I’ve done over 2 rounds of golf. They’re not sore or injured just tired. Guess that’s it for now. See you in the morning for my weekly weigh in. Enjoy your evening!

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3 Responses to Cook 1 – 0 Spudman

  1. If your looking to take your game to the next level I highly suggest checking out the David Pelz books. They took so many strokes off my game I cant even tell you. Start with the Short Game Bible before going to the Putting on. I actually forked out a few hundred bucks for one of his one day classes and it was amazing. You can knock 10-20 strokes off your game if your shooting 105.

    • John says:

      I should check out his books but I wouldn’t start with short game as it’s the only thing working consistently well. I’ll keep my eyes open for them though.

  2. I am glad to hear you had a great weekend!!!

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