Plan FU(not what you think!)

Today while working I decided that I’d do my 11 mile long run a day early. It looks like Sunday will be nice enough to golf so wanted to recover a bit before going. Tonight’s run was in a cold 41F and constant drizzle for about 7 or 8 miles. I ran it in shorts as I realized my shell pants were in the wash. This wasn’t bad till the cooldown walk when you could feel the legs wanting to cramp up.

My Plan A today was to run the 11 miles in the same time as I did my 9.95 miles 2 weeks ago. It started off great running the first 5 miles in about 10.5min/miles. This is where I started taking walking breaks out of need and not want. I walked a lot of the next 6 miles but still finished the 11 miles in not too bad of a time. When I realized plan A was going to fail I started making other plans with myself. They all kept failing till I got to Plan FU……finish ugly! I didn’t care how much I walked I just had to run as much as I could and finish it.

My final time for 11 miles was 2:05:20 which was only 3:38 slower than my 9.95 mile time of 2:01:42. This works out to an average of 11:23min/miles which means I shaved 50sec/mile off my previous long run. When I look at it that way I’m happy that I convinced myself to go with Plan FU even though it was really tough. I’ve already decided to put my running back on it’s regular schedule and try to cut back a bit on all the activity I put my legs through.

I got a late invite to a poker game so I’ll leave it here. I hope to post my shopping trip and gait analysis tomorrow.
For those who couldn’t figure out my picture from yesterday I sell fresh and frozen processed potatoes. 2 sizes of french fries, home fries, whole peeled potatoes, parisienne,etc.

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4 Responses to Plan FU(not what you think!)

  1. Great job on the run! Hope things go well at the poker game tonight! 🙂

  2. biz319 says:

    John, way to shave off the time on your run! Okay, I may have to give pickled beets a try! 😀

    Have fun golfing!

  3. Ooooohh, so that’s what the picture was!!! Haha!!

  4. Nicole says:

    Awesome job, John!! That’s a great time!

    I’ve been wondering what you do for a living! I wouldn’t have gotten it from the picture!

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