Just an Olympic

Good evening. Been a long day here so I’m just relaxing now. I’m watching a rerun of Criminal Minds while typing this post.
With the nice weather this month all my customers are now open so I’ve been getting busier each week. After not working too much in the winter it always take a few weeks getting use to working more in the spring to fall season. This is the time of year I make my money so I can’t complain too much. After work I was going to run or bike but decided I could use an extra rest day. I’m hoping by resting today and tomorrow my long run Sunday will go better than my last one 2 weeks ago. Sunday’s long run is 12.5 miles this week!

I mentioned more than 2 weeks ago I was thinking of signing up for a Half Ironman in July. Well after much deliberation and lack of bike training I’ve concluded the Half Ironman is not realistic. Besides losing a few weeks of bike training when I busted my rims I’ve realized I just don’t have the mental will and drive to do this race. With only 10 weeks to go it’s more realistic and will hopefully be more fun to step it back a level. So in the end I’ve decided to sign up for the Olympic triathlon again. I’ll let you know when I’ve actually paid for and officially signed up for it. I need to figure out what room is on my credit card first so probably next weekend it’ll be official.

Question(s) of the day: There is a reason for asking the following but I’m just not ready to tell you why yet. Any opinions on the topic are welcome. On to the question :

A lot of running events are races and are chip timed in some sort of way. Some running events though say, for example a ” 5k Fun Run” and don’t have official timing of any sort. Do you consider the “fun runs” a race or not? If you timed yourself while at the “fun run” would you then count it as a race? What do you consider a race?

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7 Responses to Just an Olympic

  1. Erin says:

    A triathlon is awesome! Maybe you’ll feel more confident for the half Ironman next year with more training and preparation.

  2. I think fun runs and races are the same thing, really. For most people, they aren’t trying to come in first or be super competitive – they just want to race. The name fun run probably will bring more people to register if the goal of the event is for fund raising.

    I treat all my races the same. I only compete against myself.

  3. I consider fun runs a race, but then I’m not a professional. I think it’s a race for you regardless of how it’s timed.

    A triatholn is one of the things I’d like to say I had done.

  4. Nicole says:

    Hmmmm. If it’s not timed, I don’t think it’s a race. But what do I know!?

    Good luck on 12.5, sir! I can’t wait to hear how it goes. I’m guessing you’ll have no issues at all 🙂

  5. April says:

    I love your comments 🙂

    I don’t pay to run. I actually don’t consider what I do running. I do intervals so i’m not a “runner”. I guess it really depends on how competitive you are. My hubs is VERY competitive so no run is just for fun.

    I don’t use the words fun and run in the same sentence. Unless it’s like “I had to run to eat my bowl of chocolate cheerios and that was fun.”

    • John says:

      Thanks for the chuckle. I realize not everyone enjoys running but your example of run and fun in the same sentence was great!

  6. This makes me wonder if the 5K I signed up for is a “fun run” or not … I was hoping to have an official time – I will have to look in to it!

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