Not Easy Peasy!

Let’s start at last night’s event before getting into today’s long run. Last night after typing out my post (and scheduling it for later) I drove to a little town 1/2 hour from home to run a poker tournament. I ran it for a friend to aid their arena building fund. For doing this I’ve just taken a free entry into the tournament….I need to place to make money or I’m donating my time! We had 18 players counting me last night and I ended up winning it! $425 richer 🙂 This is the third one in a row I’ve made money running it for them. Last two were 4th and 2nd. Weekend started off well 🙂

This morning I woke up at 9:40 am after about 7.5 hours sleep. After a shower and breakfast and general lazing around I headed out the door at 11:30am for my long run. In accordance with my Couch to Half Marathon training plan I needed to run 12.5 miles today. Today I set my Garmin up to run with a “virtual runner”. You set the distance and the time you want to run it in and it’s suppose to change color of the screen based on whether your behind or ahead of your runner. My screen didn’t change and I was ahead and behind at a few different times.

My plan “A” today was to run the 12.5 miles at a 10:53min/mile average as this would mean I’d shaved another 30s/mile off my time. My plan “B” goal was to finish the run with less walking than last time. Yeah you guessed right with my post title being what it was that neither of those happened. Part of the reason behind that though is the humidity and temperature. When I headed out the humidity was 100% and the temp was 18*C/64F already. It was only going to get warmer too.

Plan “C” formulated while running was to just finish the 12.5 miles and hope to not be as sore as my last long run left me. Plan “C” was the eventual winner 😦 I haven’t walked so much in a training run before! Oh well my old pal Wes always says running straight through is over rated anyways.Today I agreed

So today’s run of 12.5 miles was done in 2:29:xx for a rough average pace of 11.55min/mile which was 32sec/mile slower than my last long run. After the run I walked 1.5 miles to cool down which took me another 28min. You’d think that would be it for the day right? Well for any normal human being you’d be right but I’m not normal 🙂

3.5 hours after finishing my run I was going to go walk some more to work the kinks out of my legs. As I got outside it looked like the rain would hold off so I decided to go for a 10 mile bike ride instead. I know it sounds crazy but biking after running really seems to help my legs out. I intended the ride to just be a slow ride but it wasn’t long before I realized I had a lot of juice in the legs and pushed it around my 10 mile block. Makes me wonder if I could have run harder or not today?!

I was glad I pushed the bike ride as I felt good and made great time. I ended up doing the 10 miles in 38:15 which was 2min+ faster than my last ride. Makes me think in 10 weeks I can get that 40km done in the same 1:21:xx it took me last time I did the OLYTri. After the ride I changed watches at home,dropped the helmet and grabbed some water before heading out for that walk. I walked 2 miles at a steady 17min/mile pace to cool down. Yes my legs feel a lot better now!

I’m caught up again on all your blogs finally. I really hate falling behind as some of you post way too much…I mean a lot more than me 🙂 Now that I have all the important stuff done I guess I’ll do my paperwork for the business!

See you tomorrow evening with the weekly weigh in. Hoping to be well under 280!

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8 Responses to Not Easy Peasy!

  1. That Garmin sounds very cool!! I am telling my hubby about it now – I don’t think his does that??!!

  2. Dean says:

    wow sounds like you burned some serious calories

  3. I’m impressed.Hope those legs are feeling okay today. Did you do some stretching after that grueling workout?

    Congrats on your winnings too!

  4. listedmal says:

    Nice workout and winnings! Hopefully it’s been as nice out up in your are as is is down in Toronto, it’s been pretty humid, but when the sun is out it is really gorgeous.

    Being a sporadic poster myself, I feel your pain with trying to keep up with all those daily posters, I have to set aside a few hours a few times a week to get up to speed.

  5. Wow! Congratulations on winning and getting in some serious workouts. You must be so proud of yourself!

  6. The hubby doesn’t know his exact time yet, but he thinks he came in around an hour, and that he is in the top 10.

  7. Nicole says:

    You ROCK! 12.5 and THEN a 10 mile bike!? Kick butt!

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