Real Rest Day

Today I took the day off from exercise unlike Tuesday when I still golfed and cut my lawn. I was planning on biking today but the wind was brutal today. On top of that my groin area is sore from my workout last night. I was thinking it was all the squats(96 of them total) but actually it was the squats plus the dumbbell snatches as you squat while lowering the dumbbell to snatch it again. So really I did 192 squats in 1 hour!

I did do a bit of work today as I used my Dad’s pick up to clean some old boards out of my yard and drop them at his place. It was just a pick up load full so took me about an hour round trip. I had my Dad’s pick up because I had to drive him to his physiotherapy this morning. He started therapy today because he had his second knee replaced last week. It was almost 2 years ago he had the first one done. This may be something I get to do down the road as our family has a history of bad knees. Maybe I’ll get lucky though if I continue on the weight loss thing and getting healthy.

That’s about it for today. Nothing too exciting at all. Thanks for everyone’s comments today. I was kind of waiting for a few of you to tell me I was whining too much but was surprised when most agreed it was an intense workout. Like I said maybe a little further down the road I’ll sign up for the boot camp but I don’t think I’m ready to go through that yet.

Have a good Friday everyone!

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3 Responses to Real Rest Day

  1. Sounds like you still got a bit of a workout even though you had a rest day! I can’t imagine doing 96 squats – so impressive!

  2. Jess says:

    I think there’s a point where intense workout becomes overkill and that’s just what the other one sounded like. BUT HEY, you made it through, which means you’re bad ass. Plain and simple.

    Wish your dad the best with therapy and hope he recovers well.

    Glad you’re resting today 🙂 Have a good Friday!

  3. Good for you for taking a rest!! You deserve it!!

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