Boring but Satisfying

Today has been rather boring but I don’t mind those days. I worked for 8 hours today and then decided to do nothing. Part of me wanted to go walk for 35 minutes but I decided not to bother. Honestly the only reason I wanted to go walk was to say I exercised for 1001 minutes this week. I decided I could brag just as easily with the 966 minutes of activity and 12612 calories burned 🙂 Really though I only consider 1/2 those minutes to be intense workouts though as the other half was from 2 rounds of golf which I find to be pretty easy to walk now.

Tomorrow’s forecast doesn’t look good but I’m hoping to at least get out for my run. Still need to get my mom a gift for Mother’s Day…. Don’t tell her! Good night

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2 Responses to Boring but Satisfying

  1. The hubby and I have no idea what to get his mom for mothers day … she is very hard to shop for!

  2. Michelle says:

    Wow…congrats on all the activity you get in! That’s amazing 🙂 hope you found a gift for your mom! Mine’s out of the province, so all she got was a phone call from me!

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