3 Weeks to Go

Hopefully everyone had a nice Mother’s Day. I finally went out to my parents at 3pm. My brother who just got married was there with the wife and kid. We just had a nice time chatting and watching my niece be her cute self. For dinner they ordered pizza so of course I indulged. I shouldn’t have but I had three pieces. Good chance my weigh in tomorrow is affected but oh well. For my gift I ended up getting my mom a card. In it I told her she would be treated to breakfast on the way to my Half Marathon. Once there she can watch me start and finish the race. After the race she’d be treated to lunch as well. Hopefully it wasn’t too lame 🙂

Before heading out to my parents I went for my run at noon. Today’s run called for 5 miles so that’s what I did. It was 0C/32F with a big wind so I bundled up. Shell pants, sweatshirt, gloves and toque! It was a good move as I was very warm. I was hoping to run without looking at my garmin but it’s so hard not to. I did make it till almost 2 miles in where I saw I was averaging 11min/miles. After that I only looked at it a few times and tried to crank the run up as I went. I was surprised later when looking at the stats to see I had negative split each mile. I’d love to be able to do that during my HM in 3 weeks. Wow down to just 3 weeks!

Times were:

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  1. Good for you for going out in that cold!!!

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